'Champion Calf Crunch'
  • This contains many easily digestible nutrients with omega 3 and 6 oils to set the young calf quickly on its feet. Calves should have access to this feed from birth to quickly promote the development of the rumen, aided with yeasts. This feed should be fed until 12-15wks

'Premier Bull Crunch'

  • Premier Bull Crunch is designed to promote growth in young cattle in order to establish whether the animal has the potential to be fed on 'Pure Preformance' or moved to a commercial diet. This can be fed from 5 months onwards.

'Pure Performance'

  • The ultimate ration to maximise microbial protein production in the rumen and achieve the full growth potential in young cattle.

  • An balance of easily digestible fibres, quality proteins together with high levels of traditional steam cooked cereals and pulses.

  • Suitable for young stock from 6 months old, maximizing the most efficient feed conversion ratio to achieve high growth rates and muscle development without laying down excess fat over the  animals back.

'Perfect Cover'

  • A unique ration to lay down additional fat cover on extreme cattle types i.e. belgian blue. It is is an extremely energy dense ration with high palatability to encourage dry matter uptake.

  • It can be mixed with Pure Performance at various ratios to achieve high growth rates whilst developing muscle.