Over the years, Taylors (Fyfin) Ltd have built up an extensive range of products that are suited to improving animal health and well-being.  

Our range of products cover all aspects of farms. We have a line in farming equipment such as Creep feeders, Troughs and loader and tractor attachments. With our new range of 'Pure Performance Feeds' targeted at Pedigree cattle and cow, complamented with our wide range of animal feeds that are blended using the best quality ingredents.  Our blends can be bespoke to meet your needs ensuring the best for your herd.  We ensure that all feed rations are carefully blended every time to bring you only the best.





Taylors Fyfin Ltd

Ruminant Nutrition 

​Delivering Nutritional and Management solutions to Dairy, Beef and Sheep Farmers.

Our consultancy service provides farmers with the most cost effective nutritional solutions for the farm.   We make a difference to every farm we work with, adding value, not costs to your business.

We supply farms with high quality and bespoke blends of feed.  We believe nutrition is not just about the ingredients going into the herd but it’s about their health and well being. The quality of any home grown forage as well as other inputs into the farm. As an independent company we can provide those farm inputs as cost effectively as possible.

We work closely with our customers as an integral part of their team. We set measurable objectives and evaluate our work to provide you with the best results.

Taylors Fyfin Ltd

Grass Land Care

Fertilizer | Sprays | Forage Packaging 

We carry an extensive range of Fertilizers and glass land additives to maximize the potential out of our land.    

A range of sprays to ensure that you land stays weed and pest free, giving increased yields. 

Our forage packaging range includes baler twines, netting, wrap and silage covers.