Feeding Products

In modern calf rearing feeding systems with individual animal identification are mainly used. The feed is always prepared fresh, with accurate temperature and concentration and is dispensed in small portions to each individual animal according to its specific needs.

​Automatic Calf Feeder


Yeast Solutions

Our Range of natural yeast-based additives work by balancing intestinal bacteria, reducing digestive problems and acidosis. This improves feed conversion efficiency and animal health - ultimately resulting in improved productivity and returns.

Volac Calf & Lamb Milk Replacer

We supply a wide range of calf milk replacers, ensuring that your calves development is optimised.  Proven to reduce scouring and other early calf illness.

Devenish Nutrition

Devenish provide a wide range of innovative products and services.They are a company dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of quality premixes, pre-starters, starters and concentrates together with speciality products for the intensive livestock sector.

Their strengths lie especially in the Pig, Poultry, Ruminant, Pet and Horse sectors, where we have invested in large-scale Research and Development into nutrition and environmental issues. In addition to their cost-effective range of products they also offer a tailored nutritional service and technical service support agreements.


Drawing from over 85 years of experience, Provimi is a trusted name in the animal feed industry.
By leveraging a global network, the Provimi brand offers with its deep knowledge and insights the best animal nutrition solutions for our customers.

 Provimi leverages the research capability and extensive knowledge of over 350 veterinarians, scientists and nutritionists with access to some of the best information available about animal nutrition and performance to develop the best offerings to serve our customer base to satisfy their specific needs and requirements.


Scour Proof Extra  

​Whatever the cause of the digestive disturbance (diarrhea) stabilization of water and electrolyte balance is vital. It is the best way to ensure diarrheic calves do not suffer irreversible dehydration and die.

In 100 Calfs diarrhea can cost up to £2,500 so protect our calfs with Scour Proof Extra.