'Stage 1 Calf Pellets'

  • Stage 1 are designed to be the perfect medium to to encourage calves to begin a solid food intake. 

  • At Taylors we recommend feeding straw and milk with stage 1 pellets to develop the rumen papillae

  • This ration should be fed until calves are fully weaned and on a 100% solid diet (approx 15wks)

'Stage 2 Calf Pellets'

  • Stage 2 calf pellets are the natural progression from Stage 1 pellets with an increase in protein levels to accommodate and support the developing rumen's requirements

  • This pellet must be introduced post - weaning and can fed till approx 6 months

'Prize Heifer Blend'

  • A high protein feed with an emphasis on frame development such as maximizing depth from shoulder to the bottom of the rib.

  • This diet is designed to be fed at moderately low rates due to it's power and strength.