'Stage 1 - Lambs Love It'

  • Is designed to be fed from birth until lambs have eaten a total of 1kg of this feed. 

  • This diet is developed with little fibre/ high protein as the lambs haven't yet developed a rumen capable of digesting fibre .

  • It contains a well balanced mix of anti-oxidants, yeasts, oils and a perfect blend of energy and protein to kick start young animals

'Stage 2 - Lambs Need It'

  • After lambs are ready to progress from Stage 1 then Stage 2 is the ultimate feed.

  • Formulated specifically for growth and frame development

'Stage 3 - Lambs Show It'

  • The perfect diet to fill out and cover potential show lambs.

  • Taylors have worked with many pedigree clients over the years to produce the now famous 'Taylor's Stage 3'

  • This feed has produced many of the highest value rams sold in recent times

'Pedigree Ewe and Lamb'

  • It is true that lamb growth rates correlate directly to milk production in ewes

  • This feed is designed to enable the ewe to maximize both milk production and quality.

  • It is highly palatable and energy dense to reduce the chance of twin lamb disease.